International Relations

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Язык обучения English
Продолжительность 4 год
Форма обучения На кампусе

О программе

The Department of International Relations aims to train students with the ability to analyse events, issues and phenomena, looking at a range of scenarios, from economic, political and social developments to the historical processes of diplomatic relations. Any analysis is undertaken according to the basic principles of political science, with the ability of comprehension and evaluation, based on an interdisciplinary approach. International Relations in today’s world, include the relations and developments arising between countries, as well as between different societies, nongovernmental organizations, individuals and supra-national organizations ( and regional organizations, multi-national companies, and extra-national organizations). Students of the Department of International Relations analyse the multilayered network of relationships on a global scale, and develop the necessary related skills and knowledge of domestic and foreign policy. In addition, they learn aboutthe conceptual framework and theoretical approaches to international relations.