Yasar University


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Принадлежность Частная
Год основания 2001
Сайт https://www.yasar.edu.tr/en/

Об организации

Yasar University is a private high school located in Izmir on the west coast of Turkey. The university opened relatively recently - in 2001, and the founder of the university was the Turkish industrial group Yasar Holding.

Since the university was initially associated with industry, it maintains partnerships with leading commercial and industrial organizations. One of the key tasks of Yasar University is to provide students with the acquisition of knowledge and skills to work in the international market. For the same reason, the university maintains ties with many European universities in different directions: a student exchange program is being implemented, internships are being organized, and lecturers from other educational institutions are invited. The teaching staff of the university includes about 300 people; The university consists of 7 faculties with higher education and 18 vocational education colleges.

Faculties of Yasar University: 

  • Faculty of Humanities (Faculty of Science and Letters) 
  • Faculty of Economics and Administrative 
  • Sciences Faculty of Engineering 
  • Faculty of Architecture
  •  Faculty of Communication 
  • Faculty of Fine Arts.