Mobile Computing

  • LUCT
  • 863 228 ₽/3 год
Уровень Бакалавр
Язык обучения English
Продолжительность 3 дней
Форма обучения На кампусе

О программе

The course aims to provide students with an understanding of mobile/wireless technologies and how these technologies are utilised and integrated to meet specific business needs.

The course builds a solid foundation of software development skills and introduces the specific skills needed for developing mobile/wireless applications. Students will also gain the necessary understanding of current technologies and architectures that provide the network and communications infrastructure for mobile-enabled enterprise computer systems.

Students will also develop skills in the design of modern distributed software systems, using appropriate technologies, architectures and techniques, and in the advanced network technologies supporting the upper layers, together with their planning, management and security. The structure of the course allows students to gain valuable practical experience in building software systems, and also apply knowledge in mobile game design.