Technology with Technopreneurship

  • LUCT
  • 863 228 ₽/3 год
Язык обучения Русский
Продолжительность 3 год
Форма обучения На кампусе

О программе

This programme provides a combination of the study of IT with business modules, designed to enable the commercial exploitation of technical innovations. It gives students the ability to program and use multimedia to develop innovative business solutions. Students will be exposed to commercial development opportunities in start-ups, and small or large businesses. Students will also be given an awareness of market research, and finance and management; underpinning the development of entrepreneurial capabilities. The programme also provides students with an understanding of the context, nature, role, and significance of management activities as undertaken by managers in a range of organisations. Students will also be exposed to well-researched, logical, and integrated solutions to multifaceted problems in dynamic and uncertain contexts.

At the end of this programme students will be able to:

  • Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of essential facts, concepts, principles, and theories relating to information technology;
  • Apply theoretical principles of technology and entrepreneurship in relevant areas;
  • Demonstrate understanding of business functions and be able to plan, design and manage technology-based enterprises;
  • Integrate various technology solutions;
  • Utilise relevant techniques and demonstrate analytical and critical thinking skills in problem solving;
  • Apply skills and principles of lifelong learning in academic and career development;
  • Communicate effectively with peers, clients, superiors, and society at large;
  • Demonstrate teamwork, interpersonal, and social skills;
  • Demonstrate professionalism, as well as social and ethical considerations in accordance with ethical and legal principles;
  • Apply broad business and real-world perspectives in workplace and daily activities; and
  • Demonstrate entrepreneurial skills.