Data Analysis

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Уровень Бакалавр
Язык обучения English
Продолжительность 3 год
Форма обучения На кампусе

О программе

The rapidly progressing computerization, computerization and development of information technology, observed over a dozen years, allows you to collect and process more and more data. In addition to the many positive aspects of this process, negative phenomena can also be observed, such as the formation of information noise as a result of a lack of selection or incorrect selection of data collected in database resources and, more broadly, in Internet resources.

Under these conditions, it is becoming increasingly difficult to extract relevant information from the point of view of scientific research, research for public administration or business. Therefore, it is necessary to train specialists in the skills of searching and selecting information, The answer to market demand is the field of research DATA ANALYSIS offered at the Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science of the University of Lodz. It is addressed to students interested in using theoretical knowledge in mathematics and computer science, as well as statistical and information tools in professional activities related to data processing and analysis.

The DATA ANALYSIS training program guarantees: 

  • study of the fundamentals of research methodology and the acquisition of theoretical knowledge to develop new research methods in the field of data analysis; 
  • acquisition of the ability to use theoretical knowledge during the internship of students.