Prague Education Centre


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Принадлежность Частная
Год основания 2004
Количество студентов 7600

Об организации

Prague Education Center (P.E.C) is a network of language centers located in Prague, Brno and Liberec that offer Czech and English language courses for foreign students, as well as comprehensive preparation for entering Czech universities. The curriculum of the Czech educational center is aimed at graduates of secondary schools, technical schools and higher educational institutions who would like to continue their studies in the Czech Republic on undergraduate and graduate programs. In addition, P.E.C offers vacation courses that allow children to improve their English skills or learn Czech.

P.E.C language centers use a communicative approach to learning the Czech language, which is based on the complete immersion of a foreigner in a new environment and communication in the Czech language from the first day of classes. Due to the small content of the groups, each student receives maximum attention from the teacher during the lesson and participates in discussions, sketches, dialogs along with other members of the group.

In just 4 months of intensive classes at the P.E.C center, his students reach the B2 level required for admission to Czech universities. During the year, students pass all levels of preparation - from A1 to C2 and after the final exam they receive a certificate. Throughout the training, the students regularly undergo assessment testing, allowing teachers to make the necessary adjustments to the course program. An obligatory point of the training program is to attend lectures and seminars in universities selected by students, at which the guys get acquainted with the university and its requirements for applicants.