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Язык обучения English
Продолжительность 3 год
Форма обучения На кампусе

О программе

  1. Contemporary Finance and Accounting- A brand new area of expertise available that focuses on the importance of divergent strategies, economic policies, contemporary trends in management and last but not least market and financial determinants of modern business management. The course is perfect opportunity to acquire knowledge and became aware of the newest trends on the market.
  2. Financial Analytics- Financial analysis is a collection of modern analytical tools used in the process of assessing the effectiveness and safety of the enterprise in the market economy. The specialization curriculum includes knowledge of finance and accounting, which main component is the analysis of financial data using methods of quantitative and qualitative research. Knowledge in this area is essential when making investment decisions with a high degree of risk, adequate to the changing market situation.
  3. Banking and Insurance- This is the only program of this type of education among Polish universities of economics. It was created in cooperation with experts and practitioners in the field of management, so that it can meet current needs of the market. A characteristic feature of the course of study It is a modern program based on the knowledge of the management conveyed by educators with years of academic experience and proven methods used by experts from consulting companies of major importance on the international market.Studies offer a comprehensive approach to the subject of management. They give you skills for setting targets, personnel management and coordination of projects. Acquired during the studies competencies and skills allow for quick and easy transition from the study stage to professional work.
  4. Finance Accounting- The program of specializations includes the latest knowledge in the field of tax and accounting business services allowing the solution to problem situations arising from differences in the provisions of international law and the need for standardization of applied procedures. The aim of the of specializations is to provide practical skills used in the preparation of financial information of economic entity, control and audit of businesses and public sector entities as well as modern methods of keeping accounting books. Classes are taught by professionals with many years of experience gained in companies of significant power in the capital market.