International relationships

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Уровень Бакалавр
Язык обучения English
Продолжительность 4 год
Форма обучения На кампусе

О программе

International relations - a set of economic, political, legal, ideological, diplomatic, military, cultural and other ties and relations between the entities operating on the world stage. It encompasses exploration of international security, international economics, foreign relations,history, political science, geography, sociology and foreign languages.

Our vision:

  • To cultivate quality graduates who are equipped to engage with the complex political challenges of the 21st century
  • Our graduates will be able to construct sophisticated arguments on the basis of thorough research

Our mission:

The department aims at bringing up so students, having an analytic mind and a comprehensive perspective that are able to:

  • analyze the events and phenomena transforming the world
  • take the initiative in problem-solving
  • encounter challenges of life as being agents and real doers with independent vision