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Язык обучения English
Продолжительность 3 год
Форма обучения На кампусе

О программе

  1. Diplomacy and international relations- To understand the problems of the modern world, you need to understand their origins. Studies of the impact of politics, social events and business on relations between states and peoples will help our students achieve this goal. Our program also covers topics of modern standards of diplomacy, practice, and theoretical and practical problems. DIR graduates can start their careers in government agencies, international organizations, research centers, as well as in the media.
  2. European administration- The curriculum covers all the major business and management disciplines: accounting, marketing, management, organizational systems and finance - while ensuring that alumni will have the broad knowledge framework and comprehensive skills set needed for understanding, managing and resolving the diverse dilemmas that exist within an organization. The programme provides a firm foundation of critical thinking and analytically rigorous understanding of management at a global level, This is an excellent choice for students looking for a career in management, government institutions and international organisations.
  3. Central and Eastern Europe- Effective management of human resources is a key factor in any well functioning company. Program of specialization includes processes related to hiring employees, motivating them to work, developing their competencies and team management.The aim of the specialization is to provide knowledge on the professional methods of workforce planning, staff training, analysis and job descriptions.
  4. International security- Program of specialization covers many issues on the marketing process management in the enterprise and the effective use of marketing tools. The aim of the specialization is to provide theoretical knowledge of building a marketing strategy as well as practical skills to anticipate consumer needs and effective communication with the market. Specialized classes are taught by educators with years of academic experience and specialists, members of management and supervisory boards of the largest consulting companies operating on the international market.