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О программе

  1. Mobile application development - Mobile applications are increasingly used in various fields of life and are an integral part of mobile devices: phone, tablet, smartphone, iPhone, iPad. Applications are used, among other things, for communication via the Internet, the implementation of complex financial transactions, the delivery of information and entertainment, as well as shopping. Mobile applications are currently the fastest growing software market. The purpose of the specialization is to provide practical skills related to software development, its planning, design, design, testing, implementation, maintenance and development.
  2. Computer networks- The fast and reliable exchange of information at enterprises has become a prerequisite for the functioning of the company. At present, administrators must provide the technical ability to do just such an exchange, solve security problems that arise due to the use of the Internet and the variety of hardware and software used. The purpose of the specialization is to provide the skills to configure and administer servers, as well as network equipment components.