Vistula University

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Принадлежность Частная
Год основания 1996
Количество студентов 7900
Количество иностранных студентов 1600

Об организации

Vistula University is one of the best private universities in Poland, which was founded in 1996 as the Higher School of Economics and Informatics, and in 2011 was renamed the University of Vistula. - The University is in the top ten best private universities in Poland - 5th place in the All-Poland rating “Perspektywy” and “Rzeczpospolita” in 2014

The Academy of Finance and Business is included in the TOP 5 private universities in Poland in 2014 (Outlook 2014, “Best Business Partner” among all universities in Poland according to the Home & Market 2012 edition). The Academy works closely with companies and eagerly supports all student undertakings in the field of business, which is what distinguishes the Polish education market. The Vistula Academy collaborates with the London School of Economics, students have the opportunity to get 2 diplomas - the Academy and the University of London.

- Vistula Academy of Finance and Business is recognized in the modern world of business: recognized as the "Best Business Partner" according to the editors of Home & Market, received the European Business Center Club medal for the best training and practice program for its students - The university has accreditations: CEEMAN - in the field of management, WACE - in the field of combining studies with internship and internship programs, IAU - confirming the quality of studies Language of instruction: Polish, English