University of Ecology and Management


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Принадлежность Частная
Год основания 1995
Количество студентов 3000
Количество иностранных студентов 800

Об организации

The University of Ecology and Management in Warsaw is rightfully ranked among the best art and technical universities in Poland. At the moment, engineering specialties are the most popular in the labor market. The leadership of the educational institution has set a goal - to provide the student with all the necessary modern equipment and practical materials in order to graduate real specialists in their field who are already ready for work. And they successfully cope with this task. The university makes it possible to obtain a recognized European diploma with which you can find a job in any country of the European Union.

Highly qualified teaching staff, additional Polish language courses, a guarantee of a place in a dormitory or student apartment - all this will help to quickly adapt and begin an exciting path to success.

 Studying at the UEiU at the faculties of architecture and engineering and management, students can get the qualifications of an engineer, an engineer-architect, a bachelor, a master-engineer and a master-engineer-architect.Students are trained in various fields, such as architecture, landscape architecture, design, construction, environmental protection, public health, management, hotel business, international business, trade and logistics services, mechanics and engineering, as well as management and production engineering. In UEiU there are 15 scientific circles, a publishing house and a library with a reading room, numerous conferences and exhibitions are held.

The Student Parliament regularly organizes Student Day and holds other creative events. UEiU takes an active part in the international program “Erasmus +”. The University also has a Career Bureau, the purpose of which is to assist students and graduates in finding work. The International Cooperation Department helps foreign students adapt, organizes preparatory courses for Polish and English