WSB University


  • 141 582 ₽/1 год
  • 56 633 ₽/1 год
  • 56 633 ₽/1 год
Принадлежность Частная
Год основания 1994
Количество студентов 17000
Количество иностранных студентов 1000

Об организации

WSB Universities also WSB University (Polish: Wyższe Szkoły Bankowe, Wyższa Szkoła Bankowa) is group of state-recognized private universities in Poland. WSB Universities is the largest group of business schools in Poland, with campuses in nine Polish cities. In 2013 - 82% and in 2014, 85% of students of WSB Universities were studying and at the same time working, gaining work experience and professional competence.Founded in 1994 by TEB Akademia. In 10 August 1994, WSB launched its first field of study – "finance and banking". The WSB Universities offers higher education and research facilities. They offer undergraduate education (licentiate), engineer's education, magister/master's education, postgraduate education including Master of Business Administration (MBA) and doctorate's education.WSB University is a test center of Educational Testing Service (ETS), university-organized, internationally recognized TOEIC test (Test of English for International Communication).