Kyrgyz State Technical University named after I. Razzakova


Принадлежность Государственная
Год основания 1954

Об организации

KSTU named after From the very first stages of her formation, I. Razzakova plays a leading role in shaping the common scientific, technological and educational space of Kyrgyzstan, developing strategies, policies and plans to ensure an innovative economy, creating an enabling environment for the transfer of knowledge and technologies. Over the years, he gave a start to the life of nearly 100 thousand engineers, underwent a series of transformations, grew into the largest educational and scientific complex and maintained a leading position among the universities of the Kyrgyz Republic. KSTU named after I. Razzakova is a center for the integration of science, education and culture. He conducts fundamental and applied research in all priority areas of science for Kyrgyzstan, trains personnel for scientific and technical activities in a wide range of areas and specialties. Kyrgyz State Technical University named after I. Razzakova (KSTU) is the flagship of the engineering education of Kyrgyzstan. The university prepares highly qualified specialists in various fields for our republic, countries of near and far abroad. Today, KSTU successfully implements multilevel training, opens up new areas for the preparation of bachelors and masters, expands international relations, and concludes long-term partnership agreements. We work very closely with leading Russian universities such as the Moscow State Power Engineering Institute, the Bauman Moscow State Technical University and the Voenmech Baltic State Technical University. In 2004, together with the Berlin Technical University of Applied Sciences, the Kyrgyz-German Technical Department was opened. Our students who have shown excellent knowledge have the opportunity to continue their studies at universities in Russia, Germany, and other European countries. KSTU is: Faculties: information technology, energy, transport and engineering, technological, Kyrgyz-German technical, MPEI - KSTU Joint educational program KSTU – Baltic State Technical University Voenmekh Institutes: Management and business; Electronics and telecommunications; Institute of distant education and advanced training; Institute of Mining and Mining Technologies; Tokmok Technical Institute; Karakul Institute of Technology; Kara-Balta Institute of Technology; Kyzyl-Kyi Institute of Nature Management and Geotechnology  Department of secondary vocational education Lyceum.