National University of Singapore (NUS)

Принадлежность Государственная
Год основания 1980
Количество студентов 36000

Об организации

The university was founded in 1980. The world's leading university located in Asia, National University of Singapore (NUS) is the country's largest university, which offers a global approach to education and science with an emphasis on the prospects and experience of Asia. The university was founded in 1980.The 16 faculties of National University of Singapore, which are located on 3 campuses - Kent Ridge, Bukit Tima and Outram, provide comprehensive study programs with an emphasis on multidisciplinary training. The educational experience is complemented by a rich student life with art, cultural and sports activities. More than 36,000 students from 100 countries enrich the student environment with various socio-cultural characteristics.

National University of Singapore works closely with 16 national research institutes and centers. Research activity is strategic and dynamic, the university is well known for its research in the field of mechanical engineering, life sciences and biomedicine, social and natural sciences. Recently, the main lines of research have been done in areas such as quantum technology, cancer and translational medicine, interactive and digital media, the environment and water.

National University of Singapore is also committed to creating a supportive and innovative environment for developing creative entrepreneurship in society. Why choose National University of Singapore? National University of Singapore (NUS) rises in rankings of the best universities in the world. According to the latest results of the Times Higher Education ranking - Quacquarelli Symonds World University Rankings, National University of Singapore took 28th place among the 200 best universities in the world and entered the top three universities in Asia.

NUS, a world-class university, offers study programs with a global and Asian perspective, freedom of interdisciplinary education and many opportunities for extra-curricular and international education. Active immersion in such a rich intellectual environment helps students become deep-minded curious personalities. The great cultural diversity of the student community has created a unique and rich learning environment. Modern campuses offer a vibrant, invigorating, and inspiring student life that extends beyond lecture halls. No matter what your interests are - sports, theater or music - National University of Singapore has everything to please you. Meetings of graduates and students from more than one hundred countries of the world characterize a special dynamic life at the National University of Singapore (NUS). Graduates and students are confident in themselves and their abilities, knowing that the comprehensive education they received has given them a competitive advantage for a successful career in the age of globalization.

Virtual tour of the university campus

Campus facilities include:

  • The library
  • Computer room
  • Smart Classroom - Technology Learning Center
  • Sports Complex
  • Cultural Center
  • Hospital University
  • Park
  • Swimming pool