Domus Academy

Принадлежность Частная
Год основания 1982
Количество студентов 350

Об организации

The Domus Academy was founded in Milan in 1982 and is the first design school in Italy. Over time, the Domus Academy has strengthened its position as an institution for higher education. The greatest attention at the academy is paid to such areas as industrial creativity, aesthetics and consumption scenarios, and spatio-temporal relations. Despite the fact that the Domus Academy is based in Italy, it has strong international relations that are aimed at enriching, disseminating and developing a design culture.

In December 2009, the Academy became part of the Laureate International Universities network of international universities, a recognized world leader consisting of the highest educational institutions. The teaching methodology of the Domus Academy is based on an unusual approach, where the learning process is the research, study, development of ideas and projects based on the real needs of the market. Domus Academy owes its success to the teaching staff - upscale professionals. Their lectures and projects are always relevant, being based on personal and international experience, taking into account the prospects of the industry.

Why study at Domus Academy? 1. Get an internationally recognized diploma Upon completion of training, graduates receive an internationally recognized academic master's degree from the Italian Ministry of Education and a master's degree from the Domus Academy. 2. Study at an institution highly regarded by prestigious public opinion magazines Frame Publishers in their series of master classes in 2012-2013. named the Domus Academy one of the 30 best educational institutions in design, architecture and fashion. In 2012 and 2015, Domus Magazin included Domus Academy in the list of 100 best European schools of architecture and design. Edition Bloomberg Businessweek (Bloomberg Businessweek) ranked Academy Domus the best design schools in the world in 2006, 2008 and 2009.

3. Learn from leading professionals The institute boasts a teaching staff that consists of renowned specialists in the world of fashion and design, for example, designer and architect Patricia Urquiola and fashion photographer and blogger Scott Schuman (Sartorialist). Many other experts in this field bring the pulse of the design world to the audience, including Guy Trussardi, Massimo Banzi from Arduino's house, Ennio Capas from Costume National, industrial designer Ross Lovegrove, Jean Cristof Joels from the Experiment, Sarah Mineau from Vogue, Antonio Mancinelli from Marie Clare and Martino Scabbia Guerrini from WiF International. 4. Get real experience. 90 percent of the Domus Academy's curriculum is active. This is the best way to build up practical creative experience and create the basis for a career. The students of the Academy are working on real design projects with the best Italian and international companies, such as Maseratti, Motorola, Swarovski, Versace, Weier, Proctor and Gamble, Adidas, Fiat, Tommy Hilfinger, BMW, De Beers, Trussardi and many others.

5. Take an internship with design leaders All the master's programs at Domus Academy have the opportunity to practice at a prestigious design company, where you can develop your tools and gain valuable connections. Students from non-EU countries will also be able to participate in internships. They will be allowed to extend their stay in Italy for up to a year after graduation. Guaranteed internship for students of the academy - 100%. 6. Take a look at design in a global perspective The student body of the academy is very diverse. It is international at 97%. It includes representatives of more than 47 different nationalities and cultures. Students interact with each other and with designers around the world, learn to look at design in a global perspective, shaping their views on the basis of a multicultural approach to this art. 7. Follow in the footsteps of successful graduates Among the prominent graduates of the Domus Academy you will find the editor-in-chief of Vogue Anna della Russo, furniture designer Philippe Bestenheider, world-famous interior designer and industrial design specialist Chrisoph Fillet and many other graduates who used the Domus Academy as a launching pad for a brilliant career. More than 3,000 former students of the Academy work in leading international companies such as Nokia, Wirlpool, Frog Design, LJ Electronics, Gucci, Microsoft, Unilever, Samsung, Giorgio Armani, Max Mara, Ford and IDEO. 8. Learn in ultra-modern conditions Design laboratories provide all the conditions that students need to create excellent work: equipment for computer graphics, video editors, programs for 2D and 3D modeling, sound editors, creating prints, everything for drawing, sewing and lighting design. 9. Study in the world capital of fashion What can motivate and inspire a young designer more than studying in Milan, the world capital of design? Students are immersed in the industry and have the opportunity to participate in numerous international design-related events. Domus Academy is the academic, cultural and professional center of Milan. This is the point where Milan meets the world.