Osh State University


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Принадлежность Государственная
Год основания 1939
Количество студентов 28000
Количество иностранных студентов 1700
Сайт https://www.oshsu.kg

Об организации

Osh State University has existed since 1939 and has rich experience in the preparation of highly qualified specialists. He continues his educational activities on the basis of modern educational technologies and demonstrates a high reputation in the space of the Central Asian region. The University is one of the three best classical universities in Kyrgyzstan who are allowed to conduct a three-stage education: undergraduate, graduate and doctoral PhD and guarantees the European level of educational services. Osh State University is an open educational institution where all conditions are created for conducting a transparent educational process, an objective assessment of students' knowledge through the use of independent testing centers and the AVN information system, and the use of a modular rating knowledge control system. It is also important to note that OshSU was the first in the country to apply and use the latest technologies in the process of accepting applicants, when the entire course of receiving ORT tear-off coupons in on-line mode is transmitted on the OshSU website and via monitors installed for public viewing. The educational process is based on the widespread use of modern teaching technologies and the application of information technology achievements. The university has achieved complete automation of the educational process and electronic management.