James Cook University

Принадлежность Частная
Год основания 1961
Количество студентов 3000
Сайт https://www.jcu.edu.sg/

Об организации

The University of Australia, James Cook University (JCU) is the second oldest University of Queensland. The first training courses were offered in 1961. Today, the University is among the 40 best in the world. The Australian University Campus in Singapore was opened in 2003. All programs follow the Australian curriculum, but taking into account the Asian environment. Moreover, James Cook University in Singapore offers an academic preparatory program to prepare students for undergraduate studies.

The number of students on the Singapore campus is more than 3,000 and provides an international learning environment with students from Asia, Europe, America and other parts of the world. The campus of James Cook University in Singapore allows students to use the equipped rooms for lectures and seminars, a library, a computer lab, cafes and restaurants on campus, as well as various sports facilities. All programs are accredited by the Singapore Ministry of Private Education. In 2008, James Cook University was awarded the quality mark for providing private education.

Why choose James Cook University in Singapore?

  1. Obtaining an Australian education in a short time: 1 year - Master, 2 years - Undergraduate
  2. International learning environment
  3. 5 faculties
  4. Ability to transfer from Singapore to Australia and pay tuition fees at Singapore rates
  5. Internationally recognized education