Canada West University


  • 1 030 720 ₽/1 год
  • 1 030 720 ₽/1 год
  • 1 030 720 ₽/1 год
  • 386 520 ₽/1 год
  • 947 876 ₽/1 год
  • 966 300 ₽/1 год
  • 966 300 ₽/1 год
Принадлежность Частная
Год основания 2005
Количество студентов 8000

Об организации

University Canada West is a modern, independent and vibrant private university in Canada, located in the heart of Vancouver. The institution was founded in 2004 by Dr. David Strong, an experienced scientist and academician who became the first President of UCW. His goal was to prepare young professionals and future leaders for a competitive environment in business. Today, University of Canada Canada offers a wide range of programs and courses. They are aimed at practical training of students, on the education of leaders and successful managers.

The main goal of the university is to give students the knowledge and skills that are necessary for employment in Canada and around the world, and for further professional and career growth. At University Canada West, this goal is achieved through well-thought-out academic programs and the link between instruction and practice. UCW University's core programs are the Bachelor of Commerce, the Bachelor of Arts in Business and Communications, and the Master of Business Administration. Education takes place on the university campus in the heart of Vancouver or online. Thanks to a thoughtful and flexible academic program, students can accelerate their studies and get a bachelor's degree from the University of Canada in 2.5 years, and an MBA in just 1 year.

The training center is open to all new trends and educational methods; it constantly improves and modernizes its educational programs so that graduates are in demand, qualified specialists with practical experience. The university is accredited by The Education Quality Assurance, Imagine Education au / in Canada, the Accreditation Council for Business School and Programs, is an active and active member of BCCAT (this allows students to freely transfer to other universities and business schools, while the educational loans received remain count).